Our Video production process!

Making a custom Video Explainer is not an easy task. It needs simple and clear communication from your end as well as our. Thus, we list below a step by step guide for our explainer video production process.

Step 1

The Briefing

Briefing the production team about your aims and objectives and the results you are expecting from the Video campaign is one of the most crucial; steps in the success of the project. We try to dig deep into the brand to specifically understand the objectives of the video.

Step 2

The Scripting

Writing the script for your explainer videos is a crucial part of the pre-production process. After the briefing and a rough script provided, a solid script that has the right tone and sets the basic premise for the video has to be made.

It must start by addressing t the problems the customers are facing then go about providing a solution highlighting the product or service. Define clearly the features and utilities of the product and then finally finish off with a strong CTA.

Step 3

Voice Over matters!

Unless you are creating a live-action Explainer Video, adding a Voice Over is crucial. We must remember that the audio aspect in an explainer video is as important as the visual aspect. You must pick a voice actor whose voice is compatible with your brand and target audience. The accent and the tone must match the tone of the video and the viewer must be able to connect with the video.

Step 4

The Animation

In this final stage our expert animatiors give life to the video through design and  animation,

Step 5

The Delivery

The Final stage is where we deliver the Video and leave our clients extremely satisfied and happy.

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