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5 Impactful Explainer Video Trends for 2022

As usual in a big market, buyers from outer nations drop in the midst of the market, every seller is extremely excited for product advertising and ready with offers. Ah! But who is the buyer? Does he really want to buy something? He seems to be in a box with only a very small hole for him to see the sellers outside.

A seller comes forward and knocks and knocks, not getting a response he prefers to push his big offer but with no results, then there are others who invent new big ideas to bombard the buyer with fiery offers but none of them has impact, leading the sellers disappointed, clueless and furious. 

A New Perspective

Until someone comes up with a strange tool, a magnifying glass, this crazy guy approaches the buyer and tries to see something through a tiny hole, and what he sees, makes him look at the

whole story from a different angle. He draws a sketch on paper, rolls it and passes it through the tiny hole and yes the sketch does the magic!

The buyer readily accepts the offer and the seller gets an entry to sell his product and grab a winning offer of thousands!

A kiddish story, ain’t it? but of course with a serious message.

Better you understand the clients’ needs and explain your product properly than making unwelcomed big offers, our animated explainer videos do the explaining for you because we at Monk Media want your business to win!

Keeping an eye on the Video Marketing Trends in 2022

Explainer videos are increasingly ranking higher in the charts over the last decade for companies in nearly every sector, but what exactly is an explainer video and how do they actually work?  Long story short, An animated explainer video is a short animated video that  explains a service or a product in a simple, easy to understand and engaging format.

They usually feature animated pictures and a voiceover to help the audience grasp the idea or product. If you’ve ever tried to explain a new product, service or idea with words alone and saw puzzled clueless expressions on your audience’s face, then product advertising through animated explainer videos can save your day. explainer videos are a great help when it comes to communication and internal training at offices. 

Your Secret Sauce to Product Advertising

Explainer Videos are amazing resources in the classroom as e learning videos, a magic wand to enable learning on social media to attract customers through vertical videos and on company websites. A seer to explain company value products and services.  

This is no longer a question whether you should invest in an explainer video or not, now it is about how you can maximize these video marketing trends. Whenever you browse any website, you are greeted with a video teaser Medium showing what the company offers and how we can get its services. 

This is the new phase in effective product advertising, and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. The Explainers Videos Trends of the industry is changing, and we want our customers’ product advertising to be completely up to date, so they can make the video teaser for their company.

So here are 5 Impactful Explainers Videos Trends that are going to rule in 2022

  • E Learning Video Trend

E learning videos are topping explainers videos trends because of their simplicity, originality and creativity to simplify and beautify complex concepts for students. During COVID’19 when Several countries were under complete lockdown, e learning videos had proved boon for students, which continues till date as EdTech brands are now recognizing the need of e learning videos and online presence to grow in a highly unpredictable world. . 

E learning videos are emerging as an attractive, affordable and easily accessible alternative to classroom education for students and employees as they explore lectures, digital classes and training sessions online from the comfort and safety of their home. E learning videos summarize and demonstrate complex concepts, that’s why they are perfect even for businesses to convey their messages to customers.

  • Mobile Optimized Vertical Video Trend

Ever since the rise of smartphones, we are witnessing the emergence of one of the most powerful explainer video trends – Mobile-First Approach. Portrait videos, or vertical videos, have gained immense popularity with the rise of social media. Vertical videos are a kind that play in portrait form on our phones. Vertical videos are more of a tall video shape rather than a wide one. Modern customers are managing almost their entire life straight from their mobile devices. 

People not only use vertical videos for content sharing but they are also widely used for ads and in many other contexts such as Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook as we are adapting to the smartphone portrait culture.Companies are quick to identify and follow their target audience’s needs and that’s why vertical videos are a big trend in 2022, as companies are rushing to get their video content optimized for mobile users. 

  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Animation Video Trend

Analysts believe that AR glasses are going to replace smartwatches in the coming future. Gradually, of course. Soon we will start wearing virtual and augmented reality glasses every day, just like our regular sunglasses. Putting them on when we need to look at any VR or AR video animation in the office or on the street will be a pretty common thing. 

A significant advantage of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Animation Video is that it’s versatile and suits different types of businesses and industries. Owing to this, it is pretty obvious that product advertising through AR and VR animation video would become key approaches for marketers all over the world.

Once considered too-good-to-be-true concept for optimists, now Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Animation Videos are emerging as a widespread reality to the point it has become an actual world environment.Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Animation Video are the right choice for medium and big-sized businesses to present their brands efficiently. 

It is fun, engaging and although not very cost-effective, their high-yielding results are making this Explainers Videos Trends successful. They have astounding possibilities for Online Marketing as they can help your consumers to visualize experiences and compel them to act.

  • Whiteboard Video Trend

Whiteboard animation was at the top of the explainer video trends in 2021 and is clearly gaining momentum in 2022. In a video teaser as a whiteboard animation, a voice begins to narrate a story, and a hand appears powered with marker pens on a white screen and starts illustrating an image. The story starts unfolding, the hand creates messages and images that illustrate the events. 

People find watching a Product advertising video fun, as the whiteboard animation video explains your business in a simple, clear and engaging way. Research has shown that people connect easily with whiteboard animated illustrations because it catches the attention of the audience as they are distinctive, creative and flexible. The video marketing trends through whiteboard animation is a classic and traditional style that will remain untouched by the passage of time.

  • Combining 2D and 3D Animations Video Trend

This hybrid technique is best remembered in the Toy Story movie series. They are known to bring thrill in the audience’s gaze. There is going to be an immense boom of the 2D – 3D blend in product advertising along with the use of stop motion. 2D animation is mostly used in creating animated objects, characters and backgrounds. 

The illusion of movement is created using a series of drawings sequenced over a time frame, but to spin or turn around an object in 2D was impossible, so 3D came into picture. Unlink 2D animation, where movement can be created only in 2-dimensional space, 3D animation combined 3D models of objects and programmed or hand “keyframed” their movement. This year will spur a delightful change in animations in these forms.

Don’t think twice, hire a Professional Video Production Company

If you’re thinking of making a product advertising video in-house, you’ll need animators and the tools to  animate along with scriptwriters and a hosting  service for your videos. Making your own explainer video is challenging especially if you’ve never done something like that before, so it’s always advisable to reach out to prestigious explainer video making companies like Monk Media that have years of experience working  with SMEs to blue chip corporations across  the globe. 

Our dedicated team will make the creative process of product advertising video seamless, you’ll get a bespoke explainer video or a video teaser as per your specifications on time and within budget. So what are you waiting for? get in touch today and let us help you tell your story!

As we Sign Off: The Final Verdict

You can expect a huge surge in video marketing trends in 2022. because of its benefits to businesses. Animated Explainer Videos are a great fit for small companies, big corporate houses, schools, colleges using e learning videos, NGOs and also individuals. 

I believe now you have got a good understanding of what an explainer video is, their types, latest video marketing trends and how to use them. It may be long overdue on your part to jump on this bandwagon of video marketing trends and start marketing your company’s product. The competition is using it, so why aren’t you? The reasons that I have mentioned are quite compelling to give explainer videos a try!

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