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3 Simple Ways Explainer Videos improve the understanding of the product value

One of the many uses of an explainer video is that it can bring out the true Understanding of product value Which increases the perceived product value for the customers which eventually makes better sales performances.

Since you know your product in and out the price tag of your product is justified for you. The end users don’t understand what you are charging for because they don’t understand the product value. Product value is what actually justifies the price tag. When you explain the product value in a better way that is through explainer videos you can easily justify your price tag. And when you show your target consumers the value of your product it kills two birds with one stone.

Firstly, you can be more transparent and justify what you’re charging for. Secondly, your consumers will understand your product better and trust you more.

As far as the effectiveness of a product video is concerned there is no doubt that explainer videos are the best. Reports say that almost 90% of the users say that seeing a video explainer makes the decision-making process easier. Now how a particular explainer video will perform depends largely upon how it is made, how well it is visualised and most importantly how the script performs. There is one distinct feature of an explainer video that performs better than other product videos like product demos or ads and that is it explains things better.


In this blog, we will show you how to increase the product value understanding using an explainer video.



And explain your video is a tool that has very limited time to hook the audience’s attention. When a storytelling approach is used in a video it quickly picks the attention of the viewer and increases their curiosity to know what happens next.

A storytelling approach gives a better chance to relate to the customer’s problems on an emotional level compared to normal advertising methods. A story helps to get a powerful empathetic response from the viewer by triggering the release of a hormone called oxytocin. The release of this ‘trust hormone’ encourages people to feel empathy and trust the product better leading to better sales.

However, a good story must clearly define how it begins what is happening and how it ends. Failing to have the above-mentioned characteristics a story can miserably fail and people can end up completely ignoring it. A good story must start with a good hook, explain the problems in a natural way and introduce the solution that you are offering. That is when it will have the power to move everyone even the ones who want your priority target.


Highlight the product features

Let’s say that your company makes a product which is in a crowded niche. How do your prospects know what your product excels at? How do you tell your potential customers about the features of your product?

When words alone fail to deliver much value to your product’s best features, you can highlight them with the help of visual representations such as explainer videos.

An explainer video shows your product in live-action making it extremely clear and convincing for your audience. You can show the actual screen recordings of your product in action whilst it is solving your audience’s problems. Imagine how much more convincing it is for an audience to see their problems being served in live-action.


Use an explainer video to show off the best features of your product or service.

Have some fun with your videos.

You can show the non-corporate side of your company by having some fun in your videos. Just because you are talking about your product and Its features you need not be serious all the time. Simply adding your product features to a video makes it boring and people often tend to skip it.

You can have some fun with the visuals and add an entertainment quotient to help it resonate with the audience. Adding a fun element to your video also increases the retention rate of your viewers and they remember the video and the product for a longer time.



The price that you are asking for a product is defined by its value which in turn is defined by its features. The problem here is that often companies don’t highlight the product features enough or they use text and images to do so. These texts and images fail to explain the right value of the product simply because they are boring and people tend to ignore them.

Using an explainer video on the landing page of the product or on social media channels targets the right audience and does what it is best known for – explain. However, getting an explainer video done can be a challenging job. You need a good story to be built around your product and enhance it fun to watch visual elements. Get in touch with the best explainer video company and get the best explainer videos for your product.

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