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7 actionable Explainer Video Marketing Tips - 2022

Marketing videos also known as explainer videos are often found on landing pages or product pages of a website that gives an overview of the product or service that a business is offering. They are a great tool to tell your audience about your business and introduce them to your products and services

With the ever-shrinking attention span of the audience, it has become an absolute necessity to add an explainer video to your landing page.

Using traditional methods of pitching your products or services to a new customer has now become very time-consuming. About 95% of the prospects prefer to watch an explainer video to learn about a new product or service.

These explainer videos are anywhere between 60 seconds to 3 minutes. They are a very time-efficient way to boost your brand awareness by communicating a lot about your offerings in less time. But here’s the catch how do you ensure that your videos are performing the way you want them to and are a success to grab your audience’s attention. Unless you are using the right strategies to deliver the videos to the right audience expecting any results is a waste.

That’s exactly why you need a solid video marketing strategy that you can use around your videos to get the best out of them. We have listed down below seven explainer video marketing tips that you can start using instantly.

1) Tell a story

Who doesn’t love stories? Stories are something that reel you in and keep you hooked to your seat until the very end.

A great way to improve your engagement is to incorporate stories in your video content. Rather than simply introducing the problems and solutions build a story around them. A story helps to connect with the audience And they can relate more to the problem and understand the solution that you are offering.

Develop a good story around your product or business and share it with your audience in the form of a video.

2) Keep it short and simple.

Most of the marketing videos are under two minutes. Viewers only watch explainer videos until the end if they are under 60 seconds. The main focus of an explainer video should be to communicate the pain points, offer the solution show how your product solves the problem and ultimately get action out of your audience. The key here is to keep it as simple and as shot possible.

 Start with a hook that excites the audience and also ensures that they understand the intent of the video within the first few seconds. Explainer videos need not explain every feature of your product in detail.

3) Incorporate a strong CTA.

What is the use of an explainer video if they don’t have a strong call to action? Imagine that you have hired an explainer video company, spent thousands of rupees and have an amazing explainer video done. Your explainer video has amazing visuals, identifies the problems and gives a solution. The viewer loves the video but doesn’t know what to do next. Scary right?

A strong call to action tells your viewers what to do next and helps to take your prospects right to the end of your sales funnel into conversion.

4) Use Explainer Videos in your e-mails.

Are you still sharing brochures in your emails to your customers? One of the easiest ways explains to your customers the products is through videos on emails. Text-heavy emails bore the audience and they close the emails midway.

 A great way to hook your audience right to the end of your content is through videos. It helps to break down complex concepts into easy to understand visuals. Almost about 78% of marketers have found videos in emails leading to a direct increase in sales. It helps to break down complex concepts through videos in emails.

5) Use is the power of Social Networks.

Aren’t we all already familiar with the power of social media marketing? Video content is about 1200% more likely to be shared on social media networks than text and images combined.

Using explainer videos on social media marketing can be one of the best tips for your explainer video marketing campaign. Make sure the use relevant on-screen texts and captions for your videos because a vast majority of the audience prefers to  watch videos without the audio. Keep in mind every social media channel might not work for your business. You will have to identify where your audience spends most of the time and strategically use your videos on those channels.

6) Make your videos mobile friendly

Video consumption on the mobile has been on the rise. The most compelling data comes from the largest online video provider: YouTube. 

YouTube has revealed that almost more than 70% of the watch time comes from mobile devices. Thus You need to make sure that your videos or mobile friendly and can be viewed on any device irrespective of the screen size.

7) Don’t forget to have fun.

Just because we are talking about customers’ problems and the solution your business has to offer, an explainer video doesn’t have to be boring. You can have some fun with the visuals and add an entertainment quotient to help it resonate with the audience. Adding a fun element to your video also increases the retention rate of your viewers to remember the video and the product for a longer time. So, don’t forget to have fun!


Now that you have some tips to use for your next video marketing campaign, using them will definitely help to boost your business performance in a short time. We hope that this article is helpful for you to understand how the explainer video will increase your brand recognition, and customer loyalty and eventually lead to more sales. 

However, creating explainer videos can be a very time-consuming process especially when you are not sure where to start. From deciding the visual elements of the video to getting a script done and it can be a very overwhelming process. That’s where hiring a professional explainer video company makes sense. A team of experts help and guides you through each step of the video production process. Get in touch with us to get the best explainer videos and get the most out of your explainer video marketing strategy.

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