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Worried about explainer video Cost? We’ll tell you why explainer videos are totally worth it!

Attention! Attention!

Well, this may be the most difficult thing, one may ask for. Yes, Attention – that comes with patience and is lacking in every individual today, especially in such a noisy marketing environment today. But the consumers aren’t to be blamed for this, it’s the number of product options that they’re flooded with. They don’t need to stick to one and compromise as they know they can switch to the better ones. With all the noise, and limited attention span, how do you tell the consumers how amazing is your product.

You need something that catches the attention instantly and keeps the audience hooked until the end. A video marketing strategy!

If growing your business is top of your priority right now, having a solid video marketing strategy will totally be worth it.

After all, when it comes to increasing audience engagement to skyrocket conversions, nothing comes close to video content — when surfing online, the audience is 41 per cent more likely to click a video thumbnail over a simple text link.

While there are a variety of videos you can experiment with, Why animated explainer videos definitely stand out as one of the most easily digestible video formats you can try. As the name suggests, explainer videos can briefly explain your service or product to a new prospect. These videos also help you keep your marketing efforts in sync with the current practices in the industry as a majority of the audience no longer prefer reading lengthy brochures to understand what a business is all about.

Unfortunately, the best explainer videos do not come cheap. The average cost of explainer videos can be anywhere between $4,000 and $25,000. As a result, many businesses shy away from investing in such explainer video companies. Moreover, as there are numerous production steps involved, each step can add up to the total cost.

Yet, the benefits of such videos outweigh the cost.

We have listed down below why explainer videos are really worth every penny to achieve the ultimate goal of letting your customer know why your product is the solution they are looking for.

Information influences buying decisions.

Let us consider you have an amazing product or provide a kickass service that solves a big problem. You know all the features, its USP and how it can solve your potential customer’s problem. But how do you tell your audience about it?

Unless you tell them about the particular product in terms of its features, unique selling price (USP) and all that allows them to be sure about the deal, they cannot really make the decision of buying it. And therefore, it becomes the brand’s responsibility to present that product in a way that is well understood by the potential customers.

Imagine you’re scrolling up and down through your wall on Facebook. You just come across some carousals displaying a product that you get really interested in. You click on the CTA hoping to get quick information about the product, and all you find is the pool of texts and ordinary images, you don’t wish to drown in. What will you do? Certainly, leave the site, to search for another where the easily conceivable information is provided.

Any unpleasant experience is avoided by everyone, and so even you won’t ever wish to be back on the same website again, despite the fact that you were interested in that product initially. So, who’s at fault? It’s the way you presented your product – just in texts and images.

In today’s world, where even a child gets habitual of the screen in motion and shows the least interest in reading books, it is hard to convince the customer to, mere with texts and images. They tend to leave all that looks boring and exhaustive to them. Of course, they would have stayed, had there been some videos about the features of the product along with some real-life experiences around it.

That’s where explainer videos play the meatiest of roles for any business by driving conversions right from the product website itself.

They allow the visitors to take away what they had come for – information.

Explain Videos can explain complex concepts effortlessly

Not all products or services in the market are created equal. While some are self-explanatory, others need to be explained to the customers, especially when your business is a tricky one. 

Imagine a scenario where your product/ service solves a complex problem in a very simple way. Would you want to explain how it’s done through boring texts and graphics or show your product in live-action?

An explainer video company will help you craft a story around your product and use visuals of your actual product to explain how things work.

How much more convincing it is to see the actual screens of a product along with a soothing voice that explains the whats and hows of the product than to read long paragraphs?


Explainer Videos and Attention.

How to get the attention of your targeted audience in a time when advertisers bombard them with advertisements? The answer to this question is an enticing video. An explainer video is an incredibly powerful tool that helps to get the attention of viewers. Our brain gets more attracted to entertainment videos than traditional web content. When your mind looks at a compelling animated video, it commands you to watch it. It is because it awakens your curiosity and offers you an exciting medium to understand new concepts The ease with which these videos draw people’s attention defines their worth on any business website. Explainer videos serve as the perfect answer to the short attention spans of the customer of today. The shorter the videos, the quicker the attention span, as people like them more.

Explainer videos can help you stand out.

The market is extremely competitive and you need to pull out all the stops to get an edge over the competition. Explainer videos are a useful tool that can help you achieve just that.

You can use explainer videos to showcase the unique style and value of your company. Such videos boost SEO which helps your website rank higher on search engines. They also help arouse strong emotions and responses from the audience, helping them develop a positive association with the brand.

Multiple use of a simple Explainer Video- Social Media, Ad campaigns, Blogs, Emails, presentations and so much more!

We have seen how videos get viral on social media platforms, and we have discussed how embedding a video can increase the time on site. As per the analysis, inserting a video in an email helps to increase the open rate by up to 13%.

Another study found that around 93% of businesses increased their sales because of posting a video on social media platforms. The same video can be repurposed on social media ad campaigns to drive traffics and generate leads.

Explainer Videos and conversion rate

Another massive advantage of publishing an explainer video is the boost in the conversion rate. Having an explainer video on the top of your landing page can significantly improve engagement and sales.

Here we found that a landing page with a video can boost the conversion rate up to 80%. Do remember that uploading a crappy video will not work. Instead, it will ruin your brand image. You need to integrate exciting product explainer videos to get great results.

However, if you devote some time to creating a video or outsource the task to a reputed agency or a freelancer, you will see an increase in conversion rate.

Another study found that around 93% of businesses increased their sales because of posting a video on social media platforms. The same video can be repurposed on social media ad campaigns to drive traffics and generate leads.

Closing Thoughts.

Despite all that, it is, however, shocking to know that even today, 12% of businesses do not market with explainer videos. And the reason is again surprising, though a legitimate one – are they worth it?

Of course, it is a genuine reason as explainer videos don’t come easy, and rather require time, effort and money. It is natural for anyone to ponder the alternative ways that could be cheaper, especially when they are not sure about the results or ROI. If that is the case with you, Let’s talk!

By investing in the right type of explainer videos, you can boost ROI and solidify your brand. In addition, you can prove your worth to your customers and give them a reason to do business with you so that they keep coming back. 

Creating attention-grabbing explainer videos on your own can be challenging. Now that you know about the value explainer videos can add to your business, don’t shy away from hiring an explainer video company to help conceptualize and create videos that communicate complex ideas in engaging and meaningful ways.

But bringing an expert on board doesn’t mean you will be forced to take a back seat. You can still exercise complete control over the aesthetics and style to ensure that the video truly reflects what your brand is. At Monk Media, we have video experts who can help you with just that! So get in touch with us if you are looking for someone to create the best explainer videos for your business.

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