Why are animated explainer videos so powerful?

Just a few years into business, a small virtual storage company hit a stall point where acquiring a decent number of customers became a challenge to them. Their challenge was to market a product, which solves a problem people actually didn’t even realize that they had. They were clueless how to educate their website visitors as no one knew what they did.

Then they launched an animated explainer video that summarized their lengthy techy talk pitch into an interesting, amusing, witty, and delightful video. This video flung DropBox onto an orbit that landed them loads of funding, 50 million customers with a whooping 4 billion dollar valuation and Steve Jobs reaching out to acquire their company. 

Having a story is great, but the difficult part is to communicate that story and vision to potential partners, investors and customers. And that’s the code which Dropbox cracked.

Crazy Egg created an explainer video that had $21,000 of additional revenue knocking on their door per month, and what was the investment of explainer video maker, just between $5,000 and $15,000, isn’t this Great!

Another tech giant, Work.com believes that explainer videos are effective, as they increased work.com conversions by 20%.

These are just a few examples that confirm – explainer videos are effective, when it comes to introducing your brand, product or service to the world. 

What is explainer video

The Online World today is brimming with videos, and it’s no secret that videos enjoy the lion share of content marketing format these days, not only they boast of confirmed rise in web traffic and skyrocketing sales but also helps in improving brand recognition and educating industry information to a loyal consumer audience. 

An animated explainer video condenses your business concept or product information in a fun, clear, informative, and engaging manner, with an approximate length of 90 seconds they are fast to capture consumer attention quickly who is blazing through your webpages and communicate how your service or product can benefit them or provide a solution to the problem they might be experiencing.

Animated explainer video company can help you to create different formats of animated explainer videos, you can showcase the features of a new product or service, do a killer introduction to a brand, or maybe some fancy product launch is in your mind, or you want to show how your app works, an Animated explainer video company can create an animated explainer video that will just suit you right. 

Industries like E-Learning can use an animated explainer video to explain concepts to students, SAAS Companies can showcase how to utilize a product or a software application. Best explainer videos can showcase your company culture, further engaging the consumer and building brand recognition.

Why are animated explainer videos so powerful 

The brain science behind explainer videos, the secret sauce of why they work so well is the combination of audio and video, the best way to retain any concept. It’s just like we forget what we have read in the newspaper this morning but remember a scene from a movie which we have watched years ago. The stimulus that audio and visual combo provides while explaining a concept in a simple and engaging way.

Another reason why explainer videos are effective is that they are bang on point, they are short, don’t take much time and don’t fool around with fancy, lengthy jargon. Today’s customers want to get information quickly. Through an explainer video, within a blink of an eye, you can deliver your message in a fun, witty and engaging manner, and ensure your most crucial information is presented to the viewer in a fast way.

They improve search engine rankings

Websites with animated explainer video see an uptick of 50% when it’s about ranking on Google’s first page. The ever-inviting video thumbnails have a clear cut clicking advantage over Text. Studies show that your video is 41% more likely to get clicked rather than a text listing. 

Explainer videos help you stand out from your competitors

It’s self explanatory that when you’re on the front page of Google, you will gain more exposure, more people will watch your video and make a beeline to buy your product, you’ll not only gain a strong edge over your competitors, but will also subsequently make consumers to find you first, before they find a competitor site.

Explainer Videos offer a better conversion rate 

According to Internet Retailer, explainer videos are effective and up to 85% of people are more inclined to make a purchase, if they first saw an explainer video. Take advantage and watch a small spend turn into a great, gigantic return.

Explainer videos make it easy to describe how a product or service works

An animated explainer video presents your perfect pitch to everyone, without you being even present there. You don’t need to worry about messing up your pitch again. Not knowing how to tell people what you do in a way that they get it immediately, is a big catastrophe.  And if you choose the right explainer video maker, you will get your story as a mind-blowing effective explainer video that you can use in landing pages, pitches, on your website, email marketing and more.

Animated Explainer Videos are easily shared

The biggest reason why explainer videos are effective is because you can easily share your story with the world, and it’s easier to share because you have a video that you can upload to YouTube, Vimeo and more. 75% of online users are watching online video, so move and enchant them with your awesome story! that will be viewed by thousands. Moreover your animated explainer video can also accompany you to meetings, conferences and more. 

Measurable Results

Unlike other marketing mediums Once your video is finished, you don’t just post it and pray. Take help of analytics, so you can study your audience, measure results, reactions, check comments to make better videos in future. 

Cost Effective Advertising Medium

Making an explainer video is not a very costly affair. best explainer video production companies create high-quality, professional videos even in a small budget. When engaging an animated explainer video company, you can also be assured of the video quality and that your branding is reflected in a polished manner. 

Improved Mobile Marketing

Online customers love watching videos on their mobile devices, and mobile shoppers take help of videos when reviewing a new product, so an animated explainer video can be a game changer here for you to engage these hot leads.

I am sure now you know the reasons why animated explainer videos are so powerful, animated explainer videos can make a huge impact over time, provided you develop them in a strategic and professional manner and publish them where they will serve you best, so don’t wait anymore, it’s time to include them in your sales and marketing strategy. 

Working with a professional animated explainer video company is always advisable because their video marketing experts and explainer video maker will have the experience and knowledge to properly identify your audience, they will ensure that your video script and animation is created in such a way that your audience can relate to and enjoy.

Best explainer video production companies not only help you put together a high-quality video, but their explainer video maker are a great help when choosing the right channels to showcase your videos for optimal benefit, from placing them on your landing page to your website to utilizing social media and video platforms, they can guide you what channels your audiences are bound to visit the most.

Monk Media is an animated explainer video company that use Videos as a medium to tell your story to convey the message simply and clearly. Having created over 500 minutes of content that speaks for itself we are amongst best explainer video production companies in the country and we uphold our vision of -Great stories happen to those who can tell them. Our expert explainer video makers study the market regularly to help you cut through the ever changing trends and help you cut through the noise every single time. At Monk Media, we thrive by giving you world-class animated explainer videos that leave a lasting impact on your audience. 


FAQs about Animated Explainer Videos

  • What is an animated explainer video?

Animated explainer videos are small videos that are used for marketing or sales purposes. Its focal point is the company’s product, service,  business pitches or a particular business idea. Best explainer video showcases animated characters, attractive phrases, along with catchy music and at times voice over, to demonstrate a process, concept or a service and of course any product as well.

  • Are animated explainer videos effective?

Animated Explainer videos are effective and can definitely play a decisive role in your sales and marketing strategy. According to world’s market-leading animated explainer video company, Wyzowl, one in  96% of people have watched an animated explainer video to explore more about a service or a product. Animated Explainer videos are effective because the blended potpourri of animated characters, text, audio and visuals become a catalyst to product or service understanding and increase message retention.

  • Why Do Animated Explainer Videos Work?

According to world’s market-leading animated explainer video company, Wyzowl, When coming across something new, 66% of the people would prefer to understand the product by watching a small video clip. Best explainer videos use Visual tools and animated Characters that make the concept, message or story really stand out. Best explainer videos catch instant attention and help customers in brand recall. Best explainer videos can make even complex subjects and boring content alive.

  • Animated Explainer Videos Are a Powerful Way to Deliver Important Info.

Everyone dashes through websites, still weighing whether the product or service mentioned on the website will really offer them any value or not. Think about it. Just in the past 10 minutes, you possibly visited a website, weren’t interested and bounced off. So, how to engage the customer quickly so that they not only understand what you do but also get interested enough to convert them as customers? Show them your story, don’t just tell it to them. Connect with an animated explainer video company and get your best explainer video today.

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